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Reinventing money. Together.

LODE is reinventing money as we know it, constructing the world’s most secure blockchain-powered gold and silver money system.

AUX Coin

Each AUX Coin represents a one (1) milligram weight of vaulted, audited, insured, and verifiable gold bullion. AUX Coin is digital gold that restores real value to your money.


LODE Token

Your digital receipt for silver that has been contributed to the LODE silver reserves. Contributors receive micro-payouts of newly minted AGX Coins for participation in the community as it grows.

LODE Token

AGX Coin

Each AGX Coin represents a one (1) gram weight of vaulted, audited, insured, and verifiable silver bullion. AGX Coin is digital silver that restores real value to your money.

AGX Coin

Secure, borderless digital currencies of the future are here now.

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Because your money should be simple, secure and global. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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Imagine a better world, Experience the power of LODE and feel the Freedom of borderless, digital, gold and silver-backed money.


Welcome to a New Paradigm

The emergence of distributed ledger technology inspires us to imagine a new paradigm, one where silver is once again utilized to settle trade and leverage commerce.

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How the LODE System Works

01 Step One

Create a LODE account and become a LODE Contributor – buying or delivering silver through LODE’s verified vaulting partners.

02 Step Two

Contributors then receive a LODE Token in a digital wallet as a receipt for the vaulted silver.

03 Step Three

The silver is then digitally recorded on the blockchain as AGX Coins. One AGX Coin is minted for each gram of silver.

04 Step Four

AGX Coins are then enabled through options such as POS, tap and pay apps, ATM networks, prepaid debit cards, barter networks, and exchanges.

05 Step Five

The proceeds from selling AGX Coins are used to buy more silver, which is then used to mint more AGX Coins.

06 Step Six

LODE Token holders are rewarded by receiving micro-payouts from newly minted AGX Coins.

The LODEpay Wallet

One wallet bridging a world of opportunities. Buy, sell, and store AGX and AUX instantly on our easy-to-use, peer-to-peer digital wallet.

Discover How the LODE Token Can Work for You

Silver Miners
Silver Miners

Mining companies

Public and private silver mining companies may deliver and exchange their silver into the LODE System. The silver will then be tokenized and made available to their industrial clients, employees, suppliers/merchants, vendors and any other number of groups or silver enthusiasts.

Silver Stackers
Silver Stackers

Wallet holders and contributors

LODE Tokens maintain a unique relationship to the silver reserves working in the LODE Ecosystem. LODE provides new and current Silver enthusiasts the opportunity to put idle silver assets to work for themselves and others.

Bullion Dealers
Bullion Dealers

Those who seek to buy silver and accept and redeem AGX Coins

As an essential service provider, precious metal bullion dealers and retailers can align with LODE and discover new customers through the buying and selling of silver to the LODE Community.

Barter Networks
Barter Networks

Barter Trade and B2B Network

Barter Networks can find access to a new customer base through the LODE Barter Marketplace. Usage of AGX Coin provides a superior trade and commerce settlement tools giving LODE Marketplace participants leverage across the network.


Fund Managers and Traders of digital currencies and blockchain assets

The LODE System contains silver-backed digital assets that can provide fund managers and traders with stable coin options as a means to diversify their portfolios.


Small business owners, manufacturers, professionals, and retailers

Digital assets operating within the LODE System are merchant enabled and may be exchanged or transacted on merchant payment gateways or the LODE Barter Marketplace.

Silver Investors
Silver Contributors

Contributors in silver exchange traded funds (ETF’s)

LODE Token assets may present an additional opportunity for silver investors that have experience trading in ETFs, silver stocks and the Paper Silver market. LODE Token positions may afford an opportunity to invest in a new asset class that provides a platform for further diversification, new types of security instruments and lower administrative costs for trading, exchanging and transacting.

01 Asset-Backed

Unlike other digital-assets, the LODE Silver-Money System is backed by physical investment-grade silver bullion.

02 Distributed

The LODE Community is Collectively Organized Distributed Ecosystem separate from any government or corporate systems.

03 Secure

The LODE System is built on blockchain technology to ensure transparency and unparalleled security.

04 Insured

The LODE Silver reserves are insured and audited by a third party. This provides confidence that all contributed silver is safely at work.

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